Jana Hrivniakova

Profession: HR Project Coordinator @ Amazon

I was always curious, trying new things, building stuff around the house, exploring the attics, old ruins of castles or deconstructing old cars.

I was never sure what I wanted to be when I grow up. There were too many interesting things to pick just one. I studied economics because it combined psychology, mathematics, philosophy, religion and basically anything you are interested in could be looked at via glasses of an economist. But I never fully identified myself as an economist (although I tried).

When I was asked first time at work to write down my career plan or where I would love to be in five years the best way to express it for me was to use these pictures…

With time, trial and error, I realized that what bubbles the most inside me is a creative force that wants to get out via any means possible and the most enjoyable one at the moment is visual combined with poetry. So let’s see where the exploration of this path will lead me.

I would be more than happy if you join along … 🙂

What makes you feel happy, beautiful and joyful?I love the sound of freshly discovered music, the warmth of home which is wherever I am surrounded by people I love. And I especially enjoy moments when I start to play around (with my camera, brushes or any tool) and at some point, I just start the following intuition and forget about time and space

What were the things you were interested in as a child? I really loved old things, old castles, pyramids, crypts… I wanted to be an archeologist. I also loved to build stuff from wood, build bunkers, play with animals.

What turns you on to live at the moment? What gets you excited to wake up each morning?Recently it is a bit of a struggle. But I try to keep my goals in mind and every day I remind myself it’s a new start, new chance to change, to create and that brings me the motivation to try.

Can you tell us more about your projects? The first project which I feel has a concept behind it is a black and white visual poetry which internally I am calling “Complexly simple”. It reflects my thoughts and feelings related to break-up and it helped me a lot to vent out most of what is inside me.

Other projects are more devoted to a woman’s body, shapes, and colors. I am exploring this area mainly thanks to my boyfriend who showed me beautiful artwork that inspired me to experiment more. 

What do you want to tell the world with your art? What is your message? At this point, I am trying to get the emotions out of myself. I am trying to express what I feel/see or hear inside my mind, heart, and soul. And I feel most grateful for moments when I feel people can relate to what they see/read/experience when they interact with my art.

How do you cultivate self-love and self-care? What are your rituals? One of my most favorite rituals is taking bath and just letting all go in hot water. I also enjoy massage and getting my hair washed at a hairdresser. My mind best relaxes with music and while watching stars. And my soul, when I talk to a close soul.

What are the 3 things you love about yourself? Eyes, smile, and mind.

Where is your happy place? In a bathtub, in bed, in arms of someone I love.

What is the best advice about life, love or art you ever received? My dearest friend always kept reminding me: “This is it! There is no rehearsal, not repeat, this is your life, your change, live it fully!

Thank you for reading!