Treasures of Soul


The world we live in is full of possibilities… some say that it is our curse. I like to believe that it is chance to discover something we wouldn’t otherwise.

When I restarted my photography on instagram I noticed new person who gave me a like for these two pictures:


He just added blue and green heart. I decided to check his profile because I liked the nickname: areyourealmusic. And especially because those two pictures are very close to me. And I discovered this:


I was immediately interested to discover who is this person. And immediately I remembered my favorite movie… 3-iron by Kim Ki-duk


I remembered when I saw it for the first time… it was lonely evening and in the national gallery for very cheap was some Korean movie streaming. I went. Sat down in a brown communistic chair and with two other people watched this strange movie where no one talked. But I was blown away… I just existed at the moment watching story of love… story of reality and dream and courage… when I left I knew I have to see it again. I knew this movie changed something in me. The language it spoke (while wordless) was talking to my soul and I heard it….

Anyway… back to areyourealmusic…


Visually I was sold! Especially after discovering this:


And then I took time and listened to the music…. which was to my surprise in English! and guess what… it was charming! Given the life circumstances I started with the song called I miss you Forever:

And once again we are best friends 
This is the end of the dream we had 

Remember when I had to take my car 
And run so fast fearing you were dead my love? 

Now every little star shines for you and I can’t escape from thinking this 
If we were star we may have been together still 

It’s over 
It’s the end 

You know what I’ve been told? that time can’t heal 
You fall you rise and then you meet another girl 

Lies lies for time is not real 
Love can never stop once it starts and everything is forever 

It’s over 
It’s the end 

Bye bye birdie 
Lie down you’re dead

Whatever you think about internet or social networks. This time it truly made me connected to another human soul. Through music, through photographs, through words. I wish one day I could be on LIVE concert to see in person the energy and tcharismasma. But for me it already travels through time and space no matter what mean it choses.

If you want to know more check it out here: