A … Artist

When I started this blog two years ago, the intention was to depuzzle my life. As if take it apart and rebuild it in a way I would love. Two years later I think I am ready to work on what makes me happy. I feel a bit shy when someone asks me about it… but maybe one of the lessons for this year would be not to worry too much about what others think. So here it goes… I would love to become an independent Artist.

Author: Depuzzler

How does one become an independent Artist? Well, I am not sure yet. But I would like to invite you to this journey with me. I wish I would have it all thought through and follow the road, but this is more like climbing a newly discovered mountain (at least for me). Once I start looking at all talented artists out there sometimes I am overwhelmed by inspiration and other time by anxiety.

Step 1: Experiment

This week I took a Wednesday off from work and decided to try life of an artist (or at least how I envision my life as an artist could look like). I must say it is a refreshing feeling. I woke up earlier than I usually do on non-work days, which was already a huge success for me. I printed some of my drawings and designs to see how they would feel in a bigger format. That made me already feel productive. For lunch I decided to treat myself with a tasty avocado sandwich in one of my favorite cafes where I will spend a few hours working on studying, reading, organizing myself and new ideas.

This is a test phase, but I feel that this model could work for me for a while. Let’s see if my boss would think the same 😀

Step 2: Decisions

It is only up to me (or in your case – you) who you want to be and become. Yeah I know there are some limitations for everyone. We differ in conditions we start from, skills, money, luck… but this year, I don’t want to look at all those and complain or feel sorry for myself. I want to:

  • Look at what I have and what I can do with it.
  • Look at what others have and what they have done with it, but as an inspiration and learning – not as envy, anxiety, and sadness.
  • Listen to others to learn from them but not allow them to put me down or discourage me.
  • Keep in mind that what I see online (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) is most of the time constructed, stylized version of reality. Avoid falling into trap of thinking I am the loser and everyone else is happy and perfect.

Step 3: Plan with support

Well for the moment the plan is to start actually working on art. I have a friend who is always encouraging me to be more active and fruitful. I think it is always great to have someone who is standing by your side and gives you feedback and is your cheerleader when you are insecure. Especially when that someone is also starting new project/career, then you can both help each other and share the road together.

I would really like to recommend her site for inspiration in self care / love / insight: Simona Macorova.com . She is sending amazing newsletters which you can sign up for free. Check it out 🙂

And maybe if you are lucky you might find support in your partner as well. For me it is so exciting to create something new and then see how my boyfriend is happy about it (most of the time).

And so…

Please bear with me as I am growing and developing my own style. I just finished my second cappuccino and soon it’s time to move to the learning part of the day. Have a great day!

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