Visible slap of Invisible hand

When in 2008 markets collapsed we all blame invisible hand of market for not working properly.
I would like to argue quite opposite. Thank God for invisible hand and its quite visible slap we quite righthously deserved.
Let’s admit it, we went quite wild with our imagination. We created products that in their own essence were not healthy.
Thank God for invisible hand to give us strong and visible stop! I hope we learned from that!
There were people who saw this set up and called out for change, but we ignored them. And just like Noe seemed crazy when predicting flood those were ones who were right in the end. Slaps though are not the only way how market is teaching us… we just have to stay tuned to reason, common sense and moral in us.
Enjoy your week all you entrepreneurs, consumers, policy makers and bankers!
It is up to all you how the next lesson will look like.

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