Introducing: Micro vacation

Stressed is just …

To all of you who LOVE or HATE their jobs.

In either case you need some time-off during the day. To get energy or to release negative energy. We all have 1 hour = 60 minutes to spend for our lunch. There are many ways how you can spend your break. One of them is eat lunch at your desk while writing/reading emails. Another way how to look at your lunch break is as a micro-vacation.

.micro vacation

It is time you should not! be working, time off, off work related things. And when I say off I mean off. Even if your job is your biggest passion… you should reset your mind to be able to see different perspectives, to experience eureka moments (perhaps during your micro-vacation to japan i.e. sushi restaurant).

.what do I mean when I say micro-vacation?

Imagine what would you do if you would be on vacation. Now try to think how to fit all that ( or most of that or at least some of that) in 60 minutes. I’m sure if Ted Mosby (How I met your mother) was able to take girl for 2 minute date, we are also creative enough to have a good time in 60 minutes.

.like for example….

  • Maybe you can get a pic nic blanket take your Alexa and have some alone time by the river (almost as good as Jamie’s Cullum All at the sea) with your favourite music (my Chillaxe playlist), while you maybe write a blog (like me now 🙂 ).
  • Or maybe you want to read that article you saved millions years ago.
  • Run half of half marathon.

I am not saying this is the only good way how to look at lunch. But technically this time is vacation for you. Use it wisely. Use it for yourself. As you and only you want it.

Don’t be shy to get inspired by others or invite others for your time!

Bon voyage!

PS: your matrix can be as good or as bad as you let it be 😉

… dessertes spelled backwards.

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