pre-Face of the Book.

” We read to know we are not alone.”  C.S.Lewis

Usually I don’t read prefaces or introductions to books. I want to get to “it” as soon as possible. However this time, I feel weirdly connected to the author, so I took time to see what he wanted to tell me before I read what he wrote. In a way it felt like introduction to his mindset. Almost like he was sitting in cafe with me and explaining why and how he got to write this book.

when-nietzsche-weptFirst time I actually (kind of) met Friedrich was in book When Nietzsche Wept (Irvin D. Yalom) [You can check the book on Amazon]. It might not be considered as proper meeting. Perhaps it does not depict real Nietzsche (but in that sense, what does?). It made me feel close to someone who lived years ago and well… did not seem very happy to me. At the time when I read the book, I felt very close to someone who seems to be alone, misunderstood, attacked by migraines… well in general I would say there was a click.

Session #1


When I finally got the On The Genealogy Of Morals & Ecce Homo I decided to set a date with author in one of my favourite places [Check out Mr Dixon] and let him talk. I need to underline I am not a professional philosopher (not even professional book reader). I am just… let’s say curious.



… out of answers grew new questions

Oh how fortunate we are, we men of knowledge, provided only that we know how to keep silent long enough! 🙂 

… to replace the improbable with the more probable, possibly one error with another.

But what if the reverse were true?

For it must be obvious which color is a hundred times more vital for a genealogist of morals than blue: namely gray. (…hehe preferably in all its shades)

I can’t wait for our next session…. Depuzzling in progress.

See you at Mr DIXON 😉



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