Real virtuality

Every time I open facebook or instagram I see a lot of beauty and inspiration. I myself sometimes spend five minutes to get the picture right and then another five minutes choosing right filter and comment. I know it is not real real world. But both bring me feeling that I am building little space where I feel everything is perfect and nice.

Real virtuality?

However I also want space where things are real. Not necessarily ugly, but in a way – unfiltered… unmasked. Space where being bipolar is not anything scary. Space where plus size can live with the same sense of beauty as models. Space where also trying is rewarded. Where losing is admitted.

Depuzzling is my space which I would like to share with you. In my previous blog Friday cup of coffee I was reflecting on what I learnt in past week. Here I would like to actively work on myself and see how it goes. Can I depuzzle things that keep me from being me? And who is me? Well… let’s see.

As I start this year I have to mention two significant persons who were at its beginning.

Simona & Anna


I met Simona in Prague. She is one of the charming beings who won’t let you the same after you talk to them. She is as beautiful on inside as she is on outside. But she never stops there… she is constantly working on herself with strength and thought that are dangerously contagious.

We virtually spent New year’s eve together. She told me how she summarize her old year looking through good things that happened. After looking at whole old year there is a word – a theme of a year. Then on first day of year she usually plans the coming year.

It inspired me to think what do I want my year to be about. Perhaps I can decide myself what I want 2017 to be about. Thinking led me to depuzzling. This year I want to face things that I know bother me for some time. I want to stop hiding from things that are a bit complicated and I avoid them. This year I want to live in the present (that is one of Simona’s terms). I want to be aware of how I spend my time and I want to do things that bring me joy but also that help me grow.

Simona brings life everywhere she goes. She started to work with center for old people. Her projects breathe. Her personality makes them real and full of life. Check her website and her blog Because of Jane 2015.


I haven’t met Anna in real life (yet). One day I saw her comment on facebook of Humans of Prague. It was a story about a girl who found it very hard to be around people. Anna’s comment was so warm and full of love. She told the girl about her own fights and invited her out. I immediately checked her profile and started to follow her. Anna is so open about who she is and it I felt it so refreshing and encouraging.

She does not pretend to be cool and I think most of the time she does not even realize how beautiful she is. At the moment I see her as an artist. Very smart and funny one.

Also thanks to her I would like to be more open about how I fight my own fights and hopefully encourage others to feel fine with themselves and enjoy how they are created.




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